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Born in Ohio in 1926, Robert McGinnis was one of the most legendary and sought-after talents in the publishing industry during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. His solid understanding of the human figure and how to properly convey an atmosphere of mystery and vogue kept McGinnis employed for decades. Known primarily for painting the most beautiful and exotic women ever to grace paperback covers, the works of McGinnis have been featured on countless mystery novels and pulp series. He is best remembered for his iconic promotional work for the classic hit Blake Edwards film Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961). McGinnis was also a major player in the classic James Bond series by Ian Fleming, having created several vintage poster illustrations and book covers during the Sean Connery era. Indeed, each graceful stroke of the McGinnis brush seemed measured and calculated. Forever encapsulated in the era for which he painted, works by McGinnis were often sexual and elegant. They aptly reflected the drama within each Carter Brown or Mike Shane detective novel. To say the least, Robert McGinnis was, and still is, in an extraordinary league of his own. His professional works are a treasure are still in high demand at art auctions around the world, and his style is still often imitated. The Blacktooth Cult remembers Robert McGinnis and welcomes him into the Reprehensible Digest…