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Struggling Inventor: Another one for D-verse. I had an idea and spent more time then I expected because I had to get it right. I think it's a well-rounded character with interesting colors and textures, and super happy with how it came out.

It is clear that the professional gaming industry has achieved massive international appeal. The industry has grown from its humble Dungeons and Dragons roots into a global empire with no end in sight. For artists like Henrik Rosenborg, the possibilities remain endless. Whether it is interactive video games, advanced tabletops or a series of trading cards, there is no shortage of demand for those with a grand imagination. For artists who love creating fantasy, horror or science fiction illustration, the market was once ripe during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Specialists of each genre could find steady commission work in the paperback publishing industry. With the advent of computers and programs like Adobe PhotoShop, the flavor of publishing changed during the 1990s. This presented a slight turn in direction for such artists as many were phased out. However, once the markets for video game production and role-playing games increased, artists of Henrik's caliber were once again in high demand. Fantasy had found a new home. Henrik now has a bright future. He has all the skills and imagination to keep himself gainfully employed for decades. Like many of my previous Reprehensible guests, we have certainly not heard the last of Henrik Rosenborg. To see more of his incredible paintings, please follow the links below and visit his professional website directly.

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