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Once again I have come face to face with reflection. I have met an artist who is gifted beyond his years, a man who threads his needle in the fabric of nightmares in search of inner peace. Indeed, a palette filled with color is a whole new world in the making. Ryan Case is one of those artists – a gifted sentinel who understands the gravity and importance of his craft. He weilds a careful brush as he walks a tightrope between reality and imagination. Indeed, Ryan is like so many other talented artists that I have met. He has a unique vision and the creative gifts to make his passion a priority. While his family will always come first, he works hard to facilitate his love of art. And like many of us, he works a mundane job to fill in the gaps. It may not always seem fair or right, but I would say that Ryan Case does not need a lecture on what is important. His love of monsters and the deep appreciation he shows for the genre is clearly reflected in his work. He is a perfect reminder of why we shouldn't listen to critics, because if we all spent our time painting still lifes and clouds, the world would be a very boring place.

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