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Sef Berkers is never going to fool you. He will never pretend that he's anything other than a passionate, lifelong artist. He walks in the shadow of great Dutch legends... artists like Van Gogh and Willem de Kooning... but Sef Berkers is absolutely no shadow. He walks on his own two feet, has his own style, his own message, and his own appreciation for what has come before. He knows what cloth he is cut from, the canvas from which he is stained. Sef Berkers is a figurative master, but he is no stranger to the greater world of art surrounding him. He is not shy to tell you of his latest experience. He is not shy to work bold and adventurous. Sef Berkers is alive behind that paintbrush, a bolt of energy that transcends the eye. I am glad to know him, if not one day in person. I wish him the very best as he continues to pull viewers into his dynamic, figurative world. A rare commodity, we should always appreciate artists like Sef when they come along. They are the last of a dying breed...

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