For the month of April, Blacktooth has reached out to Swiss ballpoint pen artist Tiffany Tara. Now living in South Korea where she plans to continue her studies in art, Tiffany has carved out a special niche creating wild Gothic characters and custom line art portraits. While neither of these styles represent the full extent of her talents or potential, Tiffany's brand of magic is both unique and terrifying. Indeed, her sensational characters got caught on my taste buds like sour drops of honey. Blending her colorful imagination with dark themes and supernatural tension, Tiffany can bring the heat as well as anyone, but you're gonna have to read her interview to know what really makes her tick. Without further delay, let's get to know Tiffany directly. Simply click the red hyperlink below to read the interview...

Tiffany Tara Interview

There is so much unlimited potential and creativity in the world, it seems that anyone can activate their creative senses. In this digital age of multimedia, artists are no longer limited to canvas and brush. The notion that artists must starve themselves in order to pay for expensive paints is over. We are now blessed to have all sorts of digital assets at our disposal. Drawing tablets, 3D software and advanced computers enable anyone to enhance their creative brand. That's not to say we reject the past or that we don't appreciate the techniques which preceded us. Indeed, these impressive mediums are still very much alive and just as important as ever. In fact, there is now a sonic blend of traditional methods infused directly into our software. This enables the artist to generate ideas faster while saving precious resources and money. While these measures are not exclusive to painters and illustrators alone, musicians, writers, and photographers also benefit from advanced production techniques. Everyone invests in modern technology to gain a competitive edge. Regardless of modern or traditional craft, QA Spotlight is focused on a wide variety of artists spanning many different genres. Here Blacktooth will carefully cross-examine some of his favorite creative enthusiasts – some established, others relatively unkown. In an attempt to break down their creative compass, Blacktooth will format a series of discussion points aimed at exploring the artist's heart. He will examine their techniques, their primary influences and their motives behind creative expression. So pour yourself a tall glass of vino and prepare to be inspired...

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