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There is something magnificent about the dynamics of a square – a perfect little shape with equal parameters on each side. Within this square, from the depths of imagination, is an infinite number of possibilities, a thousand revelations waiting to connect with the hungry mind. I began this adventure in the summer of 2020. After experimenting with acrylic textures, I was able to scan the results directly into PhotoShop. I then manipulate these raw paintings using generic filters and basic design techniques. My goal was to keep it simple, to quarantine the organic nature of each abstract, to capture its energy in the strict confines of mathematical precision. I have since moved on to work with other visual mediums, bending and twisting each pixel into a sonic harmony of chaos. It is a fun little project that pulls me away from the traditional forms of art that have always governed my journey. These squares represent a lawless frontier, one in which I am more than happy to continue exploring. Hope to see you all there...

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