unsplash-logoYaoqi LAI

Strike a Match For Yesterday was written for certain people who are dealing with ancient memories. The notion of this poem is that we may be stuck spinning our wheels as we compete with the pain of yesterday. This behavior often keeps us locked in place, a perpetual fear that prevents us from living our lives to the fullest. The poem is designed to activate a revenge process on self-loathing and misery – to kick depression in the balls and start reaching your full potential.

Don't reach for darkened stars, for the burning angels have stopped weeping. The world has been cruel, an ocean of raging years and violence, withering forth until daisies wilt from within.

I hear the echoes, whispers from daddy still kiss the earth. Shall we play in a graveyard? Or perhaps a tomb... Let's swing on this rope of memories, most of them painful.

Don't lose that smile girl, the magic of your essence remains. Stop swimming with whiskey fools and kick a hole in the sun. Your shield is too obvious, a bitter masque of regret.

Perhaps life played its game with you, but you're breathing, you're standing with a fist. Stop fighting with childhood, you can't burn yesterday – those matches are for tomorrow and your words are the gasoline…