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Many artists feel a certain freedom in the creative process. What does being an artist mean to you and how do your emotions come into play as an artist, if at all?
There is definitely a sense of freedom in the creative process, though that can bring its own frustrations as I'm sure many of us have experienced from time to time. However, my studio is my happy place and I can sense myself relaxing the moment I step inside. I'm not sure my emotions come into play when I'm painting, though it's probable that if I'm feeling particularly happy things will go better than otherwise. If I'm upset or worried, I wouldn't even think about trying to paint as I know nothing would work out and then I'd feel completely fed up. To be honest, I don't really analyse my emotions in relation to the act of painting, though I have a tendency to analyse and think about many other things. It could be the case that painting allows me the freedom to put those thoughts aside as I tend to concentrate only on the painting while working in the studio.

A small poem inspired by Susie's painting Interval...
Hot cities melt in wax. They reach for the heavens on thin whispers and steel, a handshake dream coated in rust. The soft sky turns inward, a milky vapor which burns from obedience, a simmering notion of God's grandeur trapped within the eye. Like broken records they speak, promises upon promises, a vision for which the lies are truth. Yes, this is the future, this is Interval, the sad echo of globalism, unity on steroids. I welcome this wrecking ball, it smashes the conscience, the lonely playground of our innocence left in chains...

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