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For those who don't understand the concepts and ideas behind abstract expression, for those who believe it is simple to create without strict notions of shape or form... think again. Genuine abstract expression is an art form pulled from the deeper recesses of intellect. It is a loose statement of spirit, a place where others can only gaze from their own fixed reality. Abstract expression is a question mark placed carefully in the center of an otherwise rigid universe. While others may spend a lifetime seeking through proper lighting, perspective and form, an abstract creator works from an emotional core with no known boundaries. They are no longer driven through a traditional class of expectation. Instead, abstract artists throw caution to the wind. They allow poetry to speak through their fingertips directly on to the canvas at large.

This is where Susie Hall excels in her craft. She is a pioneer, an artist who no longer conforms to the whims and expectations of an institution. There are many artists who share works that are misunderstood or called into question – but not Susie. She presents her passion with grace and has earned a working reputation that demands respect. Her paintings are classy, dignified and thought-provoking. As well, she carries herself like a true professional, always available, always approachable. She is authentic, real and her lovely paintings stand alone in their expression. For that very reason she will always have a special place among the stars. It has been a pleasure getting to know Susie, as she has opened my eyes to an an entirely brave new universe. I wish her the best and look forward to seeing where her incredible imagination takes her next...

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