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Would you ever consider teaching art and what age group would you most enjoy working with?
I did teach art for a while in a middle school where I was working at the time. I don't have a teaching qualification so officially I was an instructor. It was a very fulfilling experience. I took a very different approach, concentrating on encouragement and engaging the pupils, making it plain that I didn't want 30+ pieces of art that all looked the same, that they should use their imagination. Of course, this was easier with the older children; the younger ones seemed to need particular parameters. Quite a few of the older pupils asked for more lessons, so I set up lunchtime and after school clubs. More recently, I've tutored or "mentored" a couple of adult students, one of whom proved to have considerable, though latent, talent. It was such a privilege and delight to be able to help her wheedle that out. She has since exhibited and sold a couple of her paintings.

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