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Do you surround yourself with inspirational material, such as music or artwork from other artists? Provide a general glimpse into a typical day at Susie Hall's studio…
I have some of my finished paintings and a couple of my father's sculptures in the studio. I enjoy listening to the radio when I paint, especially dramas or stories, and I'll occasionally play some music, though I can find that distracting. A typical day in the studio begins with turning on the radio, donning my apron (I get quite messy and the apron is handy for wiping brushes), then either reviewing a partially-finished painting which will be on the table (I don't use easels), or cracking open a new canvas to start preparing it. I then select my paints from the drawers (see, I can be organised!), fill a mug with clean water, go for another coffee – I'm great at displacement activities – then return to the studio and get started. I'll paint for several hours and have discovered that my best time for painting is from mid-afternoon until about 8 or 9 p.m. I'd probably keep going beyond if I weren't called in for dinner...

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