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There seems to be a rich impression of the universe and its grandeur in your popular BOOM! series. Are you a lover of deep space and cosmic themes? Explain.
Yes, my BOOM! series was received very well. Since I was a child I've been fascinated by space, stars and planets, etc. My father had a telescope and I can remember standing with him on clear nights, gazing at the sky and my excitement at seeing Saturn's rings. The paintings came about for a couple of reasons: I'd been experimenting with fluid acrylics and one of them (Imagination Station) turned out to have a sort of space feel to it. Not long after, a friend sent me some photographs taken by the Hubble telescope and they were my "launch pad" for the BOOM! series. I wondered if I could paint my version of space, stars, exploding stars, etc. I went on to paint 15 in the series, including a couple of commissions – one of which was the biggest at 3-ft x 5-ft. I still think it's one of my best paintings.

From preparation to presentation, how long does a random painting take to complete? Also, do you struggle to find quality time where you can achieve certain objectives?
It depends on what I'm painting and the size of the canvas. Ambient temperature plays a part, too. I've never timed myself, but I reckon that three solid days on a not-too-big canvas should see a painting started and finished. I painted some small canvases for a particular exhibition and they took only a few hours to complete. The BOOM! paintings, for example, took quite a long while due to waiting for one layer of paint to be almost dry before applying the next. There's never enough time! Painting is only part of being an artist. There's social media to attend to, emails to send and answer, and I still have a part-time job which, though it disrupts my flow, is necessary at the moment in order to help with expenses and to pay for my art supplies. But I still manage to get at least two or three days per week, plus weekends, to concentrate on all things art, including the actual painting.

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