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Many artists have sentimental notions of grandeur. This is probably a natural extension of our insecurity, the unspoken brush we would all like to hold, to be remembered like Van Gogh or Picasso… As an artist, what would you like your creative legacy to be?
I'd like to be thought of as being ahead of my time. My husband often remarks that I'm always waiting for the world to catch up with me! Actually, I'd hate it if it was thought that I have notions of grandeur.

Given time, where would you love to take your passion for art in metaphorical sense?
I'd love to one day have a huge space to work in, well lit and with high ceilings to allow me to paint on a much larger scale and more expressively which I'm itching to do. Of course, it would be great if I had proper representation or sponsorship by that time. Perhaps some involvement with public art… one day.

If you had the opportunity collaborate with any living professional artist, who would that be?
That would have to be Gerhard Richter. His was the first name that came to mind, so I'll leave it there. Amazing artist.

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