For the pungent being who knows only violence, there is a dread curse eating from within, a throbbing fungus of manipulation which consumes from the ego and devours the id.

It transcends and transforms, blossoms and evolves, a slow cancer of spirit, a breakdown of molecular conscience. Born from rage, this human blasphemy wallows in decadence, a hulking beast with an appetite for sin. This is Suyumaki.

As the seed of hatred enters into blood, he separates from empathy and logic. He loses himself in wrath, strikes at women and children, the old and the weak, an impulse to destroy and mutilate. This is where Suyumaki breeds, an entity craving adrenaline, bloated on its own bile and self-importance, a surging well of souls glued together in utero.

I have witnessed this scourge, it has paralyzed nations. Dictators have been absorbed and excreted. When my own burning soul was revived, I was able to look inward. I was able to see my fate in flesh, for my own destiny was stitched into the screaming tapestry of desire – a rabid incarnation of my own savage tribe.

This raw screaming pit knew no boundaries, for everyone I had ever dared to love was pulled into this fiendish heart of doom – no escape, only pain and misery. Closing my eyes, I begged my Lord for mercy, for forgiveness...