SWIFT ANGELS    by Nobody Special    05.14.21

ANGEL 1... Delighted by the still remnants of dawn, we sip from these holy cups of wonder. We taste this divine cherry wine, the blood of gods and wild honey, a soft tongue dancing with the ancient flavors of sin. When heavenly clouds mingle with sunset rage, distant valleys will tremble in the grip of nature's humble palm. It is a violent sound. It permeates the deepest senses, an infant scream deafening from the deepest yarn of memory.

ANGEL 2... As the silent bird may flee its nest, so too shall we tear down this fabric wall, a golden web which spins from the delicate wheel of Satan's fold. Indeed. The age of wrath is upon us. We are doomed from ascension, a paradise lost in the notion of good deeds and dust. I see this withering pessimist. He walks with his broken cane, a stick made of rubber and bone, a wretched cobbler with no shoes to carry his wayward essence home.

ANGEL 3... Naked angels with brittle wings. They mingle with lonely fools, apostles on the twilight bridge to nowhere. Like scattering sparks of anguish, they weep beneath the crooked mile, never knowing their corrosive years have turned to rust. Watch these little darlings, these swift angels as they search for tempered steel. Watch as they flutter into mayhem's kiss, a final tango for damsels and their wailing screams of distress.

ANGEL 4... Go now children, the night is young. I challenge you… to live out your years in the shadow of heaven's light. Witness the birth of a pony, the death of an angry star. Go now and remember these tiny cherubs, remember their precious lips and innocence, the scent of their native mercy. Behold! A new dawn approaches, a bold new dream filled with the dew of Evermore. Steal not from your gentle pride, live now and free in this blessed moment – it is yours for the taking.