Words and Illustration by Blacktooth
Talisman, divine seer of truth, call forth from your sacred mist the miracle. Protect us from Scourge, that low deceiver of fools. Spread your wings, Talisman, enfold us in your breast and shadow us from that desolate whore who gives birth to draught. Let the baking sun have its clay, for the harvest is withering. Let us dance for the wise clouds and fertility, for you alone can protect us wise Talisman. Only you can see into the unknown. Let your eyes be crystal with vision, let us know the pain we must endure in order to bring everlasting dawn. For when the reaper's blade shall fold my crops and the bringer of war scars my children, it shall be your brave shield that protects us. We beg of you Talisman, let our children see the sun rise; let the twinkling stars fill their heads with dreams. Deprive them of this war and pain, for it is their innocence alone that we make our plea. Let them sharpen their minds, not their tongues or their blades. Come now, rise from your crystal lake, deliver us from that scoundrel Charon. Reject his ferry and set him south for Styx, for his dreadful tokens will only bring death and misery. It is time now; enrich us with your divine magic, release the angels and cast your testament among the flock. We are ready for you Talisman. We have always been ready.

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