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Tiffany was one of the first artists I connected with on LinkedIn back in 2018. Although she continues to build her network and credentials, Tiffany's life has taken many twists and turns along the way – some good and some bad. Beyond her talents as an independent illustrator, I have come to regard Tiffany as a fighter. While she still has her best years in front her, Tiffany is willing to take unique risks and challenges, to position herself in front of opportunities that might otherwise pass. Her travels have taken her to New Zealand and South Korea, and who knows what comes next for this rising star. For her brave spirit and tenacity alone, I felt compelled to share her story. It is always challenging for young artists like Tiffany to know which path is the future, but I know her imagination and colorful view of the world will open many doors for her. All she needs to do is trust her stuff. On that note, Tiffany will always be a welcome visitor here at Reprehensible Digest. I wish her the best...

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