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H. TOM HALL (1932-2010)

Pennsylvania’s H. Tom Hall was perhaps the most renowned American illustrator in the genres of western fiction and romantic history. After serving in the military for several years, Hall began his professional art career by illustrating children’s books. He eventually moved on to the paperback market in 1970 where his career blossomed. Over the next 40 years his works were published on the covers of many great authors, such as Colleen McCullough, John Steinbeck and Louis L’Amour. Hall had a special gift for sweeping cinematic landscapes and creating passionate frontier environments. He was a true master with historical fiction and romance. His lifelike portrayals of Native Americans and Rough Rider Cowboys helped to encapsulate readers and sell millions of books worldwide. In addition to a wide range of successful paperback publications, Hall was also commissioned to create images for National Geographic Magazine, Reader’s Digest and the United States Coast Guard. Many of his works are still on display at the New York Museum of Illustration, as well as various other galleries across the country.