TITLE: Unholy Rollers (1998)
FORMAT: Black & White Film
During my early 20s, I really struggled to find direction. Between military activities and college, I tried a number of part-times jobs to earn my keep. One of those jobs was at a bread-shipping facility. It was a fun job, but rather mindless in nature – unload trailers, sort out product, push carts to loading area for route drivers. These infernal metal rollers were used to stack bakery products sky-high before delivery to grocery store outlets... infernal due to their tendency to jam and teeter. On more than one occasion, towering stacks would crash violently to the floor, valuable products destroyed in the process. One lazy Sunday I snapped some randoms inside the facility using my old Canon. Years later I rediscovered the negatives in an old box. I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of each shot. Clearly no prize winner, this mundane pile of angles brought back some poignant memories. This dirty rack of rollers forced me to appreciate the time I spent working there, an aimless time I may have otherwise forgotten.

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