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Over the course of several months, I have gotten to know Waldys through our interactions on LinkedIn. As an artist, he truly understands the inner workings of the graphic design industry and has a raw sense of energy in his work. Although he would never admit it, I am certain that Waldys probably understands the word misunderstood better than most people, yet he is far more comfortable in his own skin. His colorful personality is matched only by his imagination, charm and courage to simply be himself. What I find most fascinating about Waldys is his sense of loyalty and friendship. I have seen no bigger supporter of fellow artists, one who is armed with kindness and willing to motivate others on a moment's notice. Waldys is also very consistent in his work ethic, a dedicated patron always willing to go the extra mile for his craft. Coming from Cuba at a young age, Waldys has tasted oppression in small doses. Despite our own issues with equality and bias, he is living proof that America is truly a place where anyone can make their dreams come true. He is a welcome guest at Reprehensible Digest and I look forward to a future friendship through art...

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