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"My artwork explores the most natural things of the human being: our relationship with the world, nature, each other; our diverse emotions... the difficulties we face and overcome; the growth we gain after suffering. I often refer to eastern and Buddhist symbols, as well as ancient mythologies. My paintings interpret the universal subjects such as love, peace and the challenges in life with a hint of Asian philosophies. My works are about acknowledging the many beings and happenings in life, yet letting go at the same time – so each can focus on his or her own goal in life.

As an immigrant in America, my multicultural background has allowed me to see things differently. It also put me through many hardships regarding coming to terms with life and finding out what a legacy means for myself. It is my goal to use my artistic skills to share the lessons I've learned from my culture and my journey in life with others – to explain the unexplainable, and to touch the untouchable subjects.

As a survivor of a toxic and abusive relationship, I put a heavier focus on encouraging mental health awareness. My artwork creates an open and honest conversation surrounding how we feel, why we feel this way, and what it has done to us while demystifying the mental health subject in general. It is my belief that when we stop stigmatizing, antagonizing and demonizing mental health issues and learn to make peace with our own past and holding ourselves accountable for our own life, we will truly begin the progress of healing."

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