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Xiao Faria daCunha is one tough little cookie. Beyond her incredible paintings, what impresses me most about Xiao is her focus and determination. She is not caught up in the snottiness of her generation. She has clear objectives and is not afraid to pursue her goals. She has made mistakes and openly shares her vulnerability with others. For Xiao, life is not a popularity contest. It is a road filled with dangerous obstacles and diversions. From her humble origins in China to her presence as a marketing expert in Kansas City, navigating this minefield has been no accident. Such a turbulent journey requires a person of great intelligence and fortitude. While most of us waste away in our twenties in search of personal discovery, Xiao has worked hard to get ahead of the curve. She manages her professional marketing career and her creative endeavors with equal balance. It proves that if we put our nose to the grind and work hard, anything is possible. For that I truly admire Xiao for her courage and tenacity. We have only seen the beginning of this wonderful artist. Now let's watch her emerge as a prominent figure on the global creative landscape. Please connect with Xiao and support her directly on her journey forward as an artist. Thank you for reading...

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