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Name three artists – past or present – who have influenced your work.
Vicky Lee, Nao Tsukiji, and Kazuki Takamatsu.

Do you have any mentors or creative people who have made a difference in your life?
Yes! There is a very special person in my life who taught me so many things from which I'll benefit until the end of my days. That person helped me build a foundation when I was lost in the darkness, then kicked me back on the right track when I was getting distracted. He taught me how to communicate with myself, how to gradually heal and rebuild, how I need to be more patient. At least half of the things I mentioned above were influenced by him. He also taught me a ton with painting, working with mixed media, developing your idea, collecting bits and pieces you can use later on… Oh my, I can talk about this forever, but let's move on...

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