Welcome to Reprehensible Digest, official playground for the writer and artist known as Blacktooth. Here you will explore the sonic depths of imagination, a place where color and light bend inward, where prose takes a cosmic turn for oblivion. Initially developed as a portfolio, the heartbeats of creativity soon took flight. What emerged was chaos – a chance to tell a different story, to shine a distant light in the void. Beyond these clicks are the voices of destiny, the deep chills which lurk in the night. Beware as you step, there may be a sinister reflection staring deep from within... Although fictional in nature, it is highly recommended that visitors be at least 18 years of age. Those inspired by these cheap thrills are not encouraged to drink blood, take mind-altering drugs, or shoot up your local high school. RepDigest is designed to enlighten and inspire. It does not serve to influence destructive tendencies, so please behave under the full moon. Now let's drift into the ether. I wish you peace on your journey…

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