Welcome to Reprehensible Digest, official media playground for illustrator Art Blacktooth. Here you will find strange and unusual galleries of art and intriguing collections of photography. Not only will you be exposed to visual doses of radiation, you will be invited into the cosmic prism where literature breaks down into angry molecules. Indeed, Blacktooth is certain his wayward feather will tickle your spirits, that his peculiar imagination will pinch your ego in the darkest of places. It's simple, just click some buttons and let the mania sweep forth. If you decide the content featured within is blasphemous and raw, then you are encouraged to depart the labyrinth. Blacktooth understands the subject matter may not be appropriate for all viewers. It is recommended that visitors be at least 18 years of age. Content featured at RepDigest is purely fictional. It is intended for an adult audience capable of sustaining a dark sense of humor – nothing more. Those truly inspired by these cheap thrills are not encouraged to drink chicken blood, take mind-altering drugs, or shoot up your local high school. These subversive works are not created to influence destructive tendencies, so please behave under the full moon. Take heed, it is now time to drift through the gateway, to find your center within the nerves of disillusion. I wish you well on your journey…



Blacktooth is looking for well-crafted literature to feature on the RepDigest. Compositions can range from short stories and free verse to poetry and fiction – whatever sticks against the wall. He encourages you to work through your most promising ideas until something magical explodes. Your clever concept can spin in any direction, so long as there is some form of logic and reason applied. If your draft is rambling and incoherent, Blacktooth will not publish it. Articles must be kickass and sincere. They must reflect your passion for writing and exhibit some form of original thinking, so make your words count!

Subject matter can vary, but avoid extended universe concepts like Halo, Star Trek, Star Wars, Bat Man, Hunger Games, Harry Potter or any Twilight garbage. For instance, if you submit an article relevant to the classic Cyclops character, please don't recycle ideas from traditional Greek lit. Polyphemus would be far more interesting if we learned that he was neglected or abused as an infant, that he was a malnourished snowflake. Give reasons WHY he eats tasty little Argonauts. The key is to stretch your imagination, to unchain your brain and let the earwigs gnaw their way through – it's that simple. Break free from Generica and exercise your deepest creative intellect.

Blacktooth cannot pay for your contribution, but he hopes this new platform will be an access point for additional exposure, that your work will eventually become a bigger part of something special. Let it be known that RepDigest will not publish articles rooted in hatred. Any works that denigrate another human being's dignity will be rejected outright. Insults to religion, culture, sexual orientation or disability will not be tolerated.

Last, don't be discouraged if your submissions are rejected. The articles must be interesting – obviously – else Blacktooth will return your work with kind suggestions on how to improve the literature. The rest is up to you. Just remember that rejection makes your skin thicker, so take the hits and keep on writing. We've all been there. Now flex that mental muscle and mash those keys until something brilliant bleeds from your fingers. Good luck…